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Doyen Consulting Services, Inc. provides service in three major areas:  Organizational and Leadership Development Consulting Services, Management Consulting Solutions and Services, and Technical Consulting Solutions and Services.

Organizational and Leadership Development Consulting Services focus on topics to assist organizational leaders and decision-makers in evaluating key performance factors and key performance indicators.  Organizational development and culture issues are addressed from a top-down perspective. Similarly, D C S I provides executive coaching services (using the Sherpa Coaching process and methodology) for leaders and executives and those striving to become more effective leaders within their organizations.  Additionally, D C S I also provides leadership development training, seminars, and workshops based on it’s proprietary L.E.A.D Principle and a combination of methodologies to ensure maximum leadership performance.

Executive Consulting and Coaching Services Organizational Culture Assessment and Development
Leadership Assessment and Development Strategic Planning
L.E.A.D Principle Seminars and WorkshopsWorkforce Analysis and Planning
Coaching Skills for High PerformanceEverything DiSC Assessment Services

Management Consulting Solutions and Services focus on projects, programs, and solutions that may involve general and specific business and administrative processes, services, and products.

Program ManagementProgram Support
Management ConsultingManagement Support
Business Process AnalysisAccounts Management
Business Process Re-engineering               Portfolio Management
Organizational Management    Organizational Support

Technical Consulting Solutions focus on projects, programs, and solutions that may involve general and specific information technology solutions, services, and/or products.  D C S I supports the management and delivery of technical solutions throughout the development life cycle in its entirety as well as in distinct stages or solutions.  D C S I supports the verification and validation of third-party solutions delivered and implemented. 

Project ManagementRequirements Analysis
Management AnalysisDesign and Development
Solutions ConsultingTesting and Verification
Solutions AnalysisImplementation
Solutions ImpementationDocumentation and Training
Independent Verfication and Validation          Maintenance and Support
End User Support